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Hungry for some homestyle goodness at the end of a long day? Tired of running for pizza take-out? How about a new frozen meal idea!

Pebbles Family Buffet prepares a wide variety of hearty frozen meals so you can take scrumptious dinner home with you and heat it whenever you would like. Voila!

Pebbles Frozen Dinner Meals are as homestyle and homemade as it gets. Just because it’s convenient and instant does not mean we’ve cut any corners. Pebbles Frozen Dinners are packed with real mashed potatoes, real butter, vegetables full of flavour, and choice cuts of meat prepared with Pebbles’ own recipes. All prepared with love in the Pebbles kitchen.

Homestyle Goodness in a convenient package

What's for Dinner?

• Mouth-watering meat cuts
• Flavourful local veggies
• Real mashed potatoes with real butter
• Pebbles’ own old-fashioned recipes
• Homemade with love

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